Try These Practical Ways To Slow Aging And Increase Longevity

Science is still a long way away from introducing a magic elixir that will halt or turn around the advance of aging, your hair will be turning grey and you will start slowing down – eventually. Aging – or senescence as it is known in the scientific community, is a vastly complex procedure and much too multifaceted to be “fixed” with a simple potion or magic pill. Having said that though, there are some things you can practice to at least fight back. There are specific lifestyle preferences you can implement right away to make entering your elderly years more pleasant.

If you start making the following modifications to your lifestyle you are going to make a big difference in your youthful vitality:

• What you eat determines how optimum your body will be functioning on a day to day basis. If you had water mixed with your car’s fuel it would immediately be affected. The same thing occurs with your body when you feed it poor quality food. When you do not eat enough veggies and fruit, whole grains etc., your body will not work as well as intended. Eat a healthier diet and your weight will be easily maintained and your skin and hair will be look amazing.

• Most people are couch potatoes and need to be more physically active. Get up off that recliner and start getting some fresh air and exercise. Doing some form of regular physical activity is so beneficial you will feel the impact on your system immediately and wonder what the heck took you so long! Your food will taste better, you sleep will be more restful, your digestive tract will be working at optimum levels and you will have a more positive demeanor. Start exercising on a regular schedule NOW!

 If you feel off physically do not hesitate to discuss this with your physician. You get signals from your body when things are off and the smart thing to do is listening to the indicators before a larger problem develops. Have a regular examination and do it for you, not your physician’s retirement fund. This will ensure you are doing what you can to keep major problems from developing.

• Be sure to apply sun block. Each year there are more than one million new cases of cancer of the skin verified and exposure to Old Saul is a major factor in the equation. Using sun screen when you are working or enjoying the outdoors will aid in thwarting skin damage and wrinkling, age spots and blotches etc., and will keep you looking younger longer.

• Quit smoking. You should not even need a reminder about this one. It is however very difficult for an individual to stop smoking since it is so addictive. The benefits of quitting are so substantial that it is worth all the effort to stop smoking. There is always the risk of contracting cancer and heart illnesses, but quitting will enhance the look of your skin. Things will smell better and you will also!

• Learn to manage stress. If you are a walking ball of stress you are digging yourself a premature grave. Nothing ages your body and system more than stress. Learn to find ways of dealing with stressful scenarios. Take up a hobby that is the polar opposite to your day job. Start traveling for enjoyment and not just work. Learn to breathe more deeply and start meditating. Get more exercise. The top companies in the world understand that exercise is great for relieving stress and encourage their employees to partake in it by providing gymnasiums and gym memberships.

• Work at becoming more optimistic and positive. Try and get your groove back! Be more enthusiastic and child like in your excitement level. Look to do something that is out of your comfort zone and perhaps over your head. Who cares if you fail at it at least you tried and probably got a real rush from doing it. You will also discover some new and exciting things in the process.

 Maintain close friendships. Having a network of friends and family surrounding you is critical to your overall health and well being. We all need to be loved and family and friends are your best resource for this. Be there for them as they are for you.

• Avoid having your life swallowed up by fears and doubts, worries and complaints. When your mid is preoccupied with anxiety and worry it, and by association you, are never at true peace and you are stripped of your vigor and life energy. This is critical to sustain your youthful tendencies.

• Take plenty of antioxidants to maintain your youth at the cellular tier. Antioxidants are found in numerous foods, specifically your fruits and vegetables and also some meat and fish varieties. Our bodies are producing antioxidants as well but the quantity begins to decline in time due to a number of factors including environmental issues as well as general aging.

If you are expecting to achieve some serious longevity with the body you have now, it’s time to start maintaining it better. Schedule regular physical exams with your physician and have them monitor your new healthy journey and get some fresh ideas from your physician as well on how to sustain your health.

When it comes to growing old in the best possible health, the positive, down to business approach will always be preferable to a knee jerk, rash method where you must play catch up with your system. Your health is too important to your longevity not to give it a top priority.

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