Radical Breakthrough News: Health And Wellness Is Key To A Longer Life!

Are you searching for ways to increase your life expectancy beyond the average? Have you become obsessed with outliving your parents and theirs? Pretty well everyone has longevity as a goal as they begin to age and their own mortality begins to rear its frightful head. Who the heck would not want to live a long and successful life with no regrets and nothing but satisfaction in those declining golden years? Interestingly, there is no deep dark secret when it comes to increasing your life span. It is as simple as achieving health and wellness NOW in order to last longer than the average individual.

That is correct, you are in control of your own destiny, if ever there was one, and this is it. In rudimentary terms, wellness is a place of “personal feel good”, or well being. It is that place that you feel your level best, when you zest for life is at a fever pitch and you feel connected, balanced with a sense of satisfied togetherness or completeness. To reach this state a person must have the second part of the puzzle in place, this means their health needs to be at its pinnacle.

Eating Your Way To Health And Wellness

We humans being what we are naturally will generally only focus on our health when it is letting us down. Perhaps we need to lose weight or are stuck with a lousy lifestyle and bad habits. As we get older these things tend to nag at our conscious and we feel guilty for our lack of will power and what effect it is having on our health. It is at a time like this when many of us hit the crossroad I life and make a decision to start getting our health back. We quit smoking, try dieting to lose a few pounds and maybe buy a gym membership all in the name of becoming fit and healthy in order to bring balance back to our physicality.

Diet it a big part of achieving that healthful balance and it begins by eating the correct foods in the right quantities. Making changes to your person is a good idea but these changes should occur gradually rather than all at once. Human nature again being what it is; we tend to lose interest quickly in new things, specifically when personal deprivation and hard work is involved. We are also creatures of habit so anything slowly introduced to our systems will eventually become a new habit. Your new manner of eating should also happen over time but with regularity. Commence by altering a few foods for another more healthy variety and introduce substitute foods.

For instance, if you get your mealtime vegetables from a can, go to the market and pick up some fresh veggies or even the frozen type and have these. You could even start going to pick your own vegetable markets or start buying organic vegetables. You can try this model with each food category as you begin to get comfortable with the new eating format.
One other thing you can try is modifying how you are preparing the food you eat. Rather than utilizing your frying pan, try broiling. Eat fewer baked goods and instead of using salt on everything, try some herbs or seasoning your food. Initially, you are not so much dieting or changing your diet as you are retraining your taste buds to get used to new tastes and flavors. Eventually you will find yourself developing or acquiring a taste for the new food you must eat in order to stay healthy and achieve the goal of longevity.

Exercise And Movement

Everyone knows they should get some exercise but when it comes down to health and wellness, it is vital. Assisting your being to reach equilibrium, that critical balance so important to longevity means your entire physiology must get in on the act. The easiest method to determine if you must lose some weight is to simply stand in front of a mirror. Does your stomach bulge out? What about that pear shape you have? It is this kind of critical observation that convinces us we need to do something different.

There are benefits galore to exercising, not all of which you will be able to see like how well your organs will al start functioning when they are being well supplied with oxygenated blood. When you exercise and increase your heart rate you are doing wonders for your cardiovascular system and the heart muscle itself. When you exercise it behooves you to do something that gets your pulse rate motoring, though you cannot overdo it. Start with something that raises your heart rate and not your life insurance premium!

Particularly if you are not used to much physical activity, start slowly. Start walking but just go a short distance to begin with. Take the stairs at work if it is just a few floors and park away from entrances and walk to where you need to go. Dancing is also a great way to get the heart beating faster. If you can carry on with your exercise regimen you will increase your longevity since this has been proven in studies and the data is clear.

When you add in the fact that you also changed your diet and approach to eating, you will soon begin to see the pounds melt away and you will begin to see improvement in your endurance. Your mind will be sharper and you will notice a difference in your complexion and seem to have a renewed vitality for life. Waking up in the morning will be a different experience since you will look forward to the new day with a more optimistic outlook, also significant for longevity.

Exercise is something humans were designed for and specifically I am talking about walking. I want to speak further about its benefits and why you should be doing more of it. Walking is the most natural of movements for humans and also why we begin to walk at such an early age in our development. Walking is undervalued as exercise for losing weight and this is too bad since it can help you immensely. When you get into a walking program your mood will pick up, your health will get better and you will start to lose weight. Walking is not very difficult to do for most people and because of this the advantages are disregarded by many as a means of improving general health.

Walking first of all is free exercise that does not require any specialized apparatus. All you need is comfortable clothes and a pair of shoes that support your feet well and are also comfy. Now you are good to go! Some people could have a problem or condition with their feet and in such cases should consult their physician prior to beginning a regimen of walking. Same thing if you are grossly overweight. These though can often be overcome with a suitable shoe to avoid any skeletal damage. Shoes are fairly inexpensive and a good pair can be purchased for less than fifty dollars. Remember, you are only walking, not running.

Okay. Now you should be good to go so find a place you like to walk or just head out around your neighborhood but get walking. Parks are a good place to do your walking and nature trails offer a bit more of a challenge.

You can increase your distance and speed as you get used to it and it gets easier. Physicians will tell you that simply walking for one half hour a day will significantly reduce your chances of contracting any of the major age related illnesses like heart disease, diabetes type two and it can keep your arthritis at bay.

When you walk for fitness you can play some music or listen to motivation or self improvement audios and the routine and motion takes on a meditative quality as you walk away the stress from your day. If you want to notice great results you should try for that walk a day for half an hour but a minimum of five times a week is recommended. You can reduce the number of walks down to three a week but your time for each walk should be raised in this case to an hour each.

Absolute Equilibrium

To finally acquire satisfying longevity and health, you need to understand there are other varieties of wellness that need tending to and they are as follows:

• Societal wellness
• Work related Wellness
• Spirituality Well Being
• Physical Well Being
• Cerebral Thought Wellness
• Emotional Well Being
• Environmental Well Being
• Monetary Wellness
• Psychological Wellness
• Therapeutic Health And Wellness

These types of wellness also need to be addressed in order to undergo a whole and complete longevity experience. You will achieve your own longevity if you focus on health and wellness starting by eating properly and getting more exercise. You should supplement your diet with some good vitamins and minerals as they too will aid in achieving the balance you are looking for. Remember to make the adjustment in your way of life steady and gradual so you will stick with it long term. As your sense of well being and health improve, you will find the previous list of wellness related attributes much easier to improve.

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