The Rate At Which You Age Is Completely Within Your Control

It took clinical science about seventy years to finally associate the discoveries credited to Pasteur and Hay regarding the potential reasons we age by figuring out our longevity and how swiftly we age is linked to our pH balance.

Nearly every bite of food we ingest these days is forming acid in our systems, additionally the hydration which is almost never sufficient, is also acidic, then think about the acid rain and pollution that surrounds us and our sadly lacking breathing habits – our pH balance is under threat continuously. Acidosis is among the leading causes of age progression as well as the basis of many diseases and ailments.

We create acid which is expelled from our body as waste via our lungs, bowel, and kidneys as well as through our skin. Any waste that does not escape is accumulated in organs like the liver, colon, into joints linkage tissues and muscles that includes your heart. This process deprives the cells of oxygen and nutrients thus, making them incapable of replication.
This will mean many health troubles and this is one specific cause of individuals undergoing accelerated aging. Furthermore, as the blood vessels get plugged up, organ function – all organ function – in the body starts to build up acidic waste which begins to breakdown causing severe illness over time.

If the reason we age is indeed because of acidosis, then successfully achieving longevity has to mean eradicating these acidic wastes. The oldest living individual at the time, 1979, was interviewed by a British newsman, his name was Mr. Izumi. It was believed that he was approximately one hundred fifteen years old. He seemed to be alert and aware, fairly active and in reasonably fine health for his age. He had lived on an island off the Japanese coast pretty much his entire life. Many other inhabitants of this same island were also in great shape as very few ever died before their ninety fifth birthdays!

This kind of unequalled longevity is credited to the water quality by those who drank it; it had less alkaline in it and this quite apparently played a role in the acidic counterbalancing of acid laced meals. Numerous physicians will suggest a vegetarian or reduced meat diet since alkaline minerals and veggies assist in acid waste neutralization. The thing is that today most vegetables are lower in mineral content and alkaline since they are cultivated in high performance, low nutrient soil. These veggies by themselves are unable to neutralize the acidic waste the system builds up due to eating junk food and soda pop.

If a person’s longevity is distinctive through a balanced acid rate, then what starts the process of death [that time when you are diagnosed as chronic and prescribed drugs permanently] is quite logically acidosis. There is evidence proving that acidic, anaerobic physical environments support the creation of fungi, mold, bacteria, spores and viruses. It is also understood that the organisms are capable of surviving heat as high as 2830 degrees Fahrenheit, proven in volcanic lava flow, nuclear radiation post explosion also sterilization and formaldehyde drowning.

These life forms will take up permanent residence within our bodies and they just require the most convenient environment to make their presence known and begin to flourish. You can compare this to a change in our own biological position from one of a healthy oxygenated, alkaline environment to an acidic and toxic unhealthy setting.

The pH – or potential for hydrogen – is a means of measuring the acid or alkaline in a liquid. It is calculated on a range of 0 to 14, with the lower your pH the more acid in the liquid the more elevated the number the more alkaline – or base – the liquid is. When a solution is free of both acid and alkaline it will have a pH number of seven, that being neutral. Your body contains sixty five to seventy percent water; it is the most plentiful element of your physiology.

The body has an acid base or alkaline acid rate – pH level – that is the balance of positively charged ions [acid forming] and negatively charged ions [forming alkaline]. The system is continuously working to achieve a balanced pH. When there is no equilibrium, things begin to go awry and health becomes compromised.

It is significant and needs to be understood that this has nothing to do with stomach acid or he pH balance of the stomach. This is how balanced the pH levels is of the cells in the body, the tissue and fluids, a whole different kettle of fish. It is not that difficult to keep track of your pH balance and it is something that we should be doing to sustain our good health.

Checking Your Ph Balance Is As Simple As Brushing Your Teeth

Has your physician ever suggested to you that by purchasing a roll of pH paper, you might be able to add quality years on to your life span and get there in fairly good health while you are at it? I would bet a week’s pay he has not come close to recommending this to you. The reason your primary health care provider does not tell you this is because they are taught to care for the symptoms of an illness. Therefore, when you begin to show signs of chronic acidosis, they will of course treat you with pharmaceuticals until the condition subsides. First, the symptoms may have been alleviated but the root of the problem exists.

Test Yourself!

You are going to be on your own for this unfortunately as physicians simply do not suggest self testing, ever. If you do this you are doing yourself an immense favor by testing your own pH levels so you can figure out if your pH balance is not so balanced after all! You can purchase pH paper at the pharmacy [it will last about a year], do not use test strips are digital meters. You can also locate this online or in health food establishments offline. This pH paper will allow you to test yourself quickly and easily so you can determine your pH balance right in your own home, much handier than heading out to a lab.

This is not only as easy as brushing your teeth, but there is another persuasive motive to do this check often, management is reliant on what it is you are consuming and how nutritious it is for you and only you are able to control what you are drinking and eating.

What Comes In Is What Goes Out

The results you get from urine testing is an indication of how well your body is digesting minerals fed to it, in particular calcium, magnesium, phosphate, sodium and potassium. They are what are known as acid buffers due to how the body utilizes them to maintain acid levels. If the level is elevated [lower pH], one’s body will be unable to expel the acid. It either accumulates within the tissue, or it buffers it – borrowing minerals from organs, teeth and bone so it can neutralize the acid.
The process of testing is really quite elementary, merely run a small strip of pH paper through your initial morning urine and the paper will at once change color within a range from bright yellow to dark blue.

The perfect pH rate occurs in the green range from about 6.4 to 7.0. You could well see acidity at 5.0 or maybe lower, but do not be fooled into believing that 6.0 is plenty close since just being 1/10 off in pH terms can modify the tissue oxygen by ten times. So this means a pH of 6.0 is forty times less oxygenation for your cells. That difference could well have an effect on your mood!

It is strongly suggested that you test your morning urine on a daily basis to get a pH level, doing so until you reach a range of 6.4 to 7.0. Any rate under 6.4 must be managed up through nutritional methods and this includes hydrating. If nutrition does not do the trick, it could be that you have an infection rampant within you. When you have an infection that is hidden or you are not alerted to, it is usually something related to your dental health. There is only one acidic rate level that is acceptable and that is post anaerobic physical training and this usually rights itself in a day or so.

The incalculable advantage of doing urine pH testing is it is a means of acquiring the knowledge of those foods that are good for you, and how it permits you to make lifestyle adjustments if required. Specifically, you will quickly understand that your favorite drinks are acidifying – even bottled water. Furthermore, if you are taking any medication, it could result in your pH level being quite low. If you are continuously appearing in the blue range, this means you are alkaline and likely reasons are due to particular medications like aspirin and diuretics hypertension drugs that hinder the calcium in the system.

Maintaining Ph Balance, The Basis Of Superior Health

As I mentioned earlier, an individual’s body can only digest minerals and nutrients when the pH level is properly equalized. This means it is entirely possible that you are getting all the right nutrition and healthy nourishment you need, you just cannot absorb it or benefit from them. If you take health supplements while your pH balance is out of whack, you will not be able to digest them either. If you are involved with any type of traditional therapy or herbal nutritional plan and the results just are not showing, you should evaluate your alkaline for an inequity. You could spend a small fortune on the highest quality supplements available and if you are experiencing acidosis, you are wasting your money. Your body must initially have a proper pH balance.

Acidosis is basically lack of oxygen and calcium deficiency that your body needs to sustain an alkaline balance. Your body is made up of 1.6 percent of your total body weight. Calcium is quite accurately described as the glue that connects the body’s parts to each other. A single calcium ion is able to hold securely to seven other molecules as it grasps one molecule of water. There is not another ion that can replicate this feat, as an added bonus it is also the correct dimension to make its way back and forth from within the cell as it shuttles to get more nutrients.

So, at this instant you might be enticed to hustle out to the closest health food establishment and purchase some calcium pills but this has the potential to worsen things. Firstly, calcium supplements are notoriously problematic to absorb when they are not ionized, and if calcium is not absorbed it may well end up accumulating in an unwanted area like blood vessels in the form of plaque. Next, minerals within your system need to be equalized or they can begin to battle one another. So this means when you take additional calcium you must also ingest other minerals with it in the proper doses based on requirements, it also needs D vitamin as well from a source like sun exposure for short periods.
Lastly, reduced calcium can be a digestive issue due to a deficiency of activated enzymes or a deficiency in HCL [or stomach acid], as this could affect the malabsorption of further minerals also. When you supply your calcium needs with raw foods you do not experience these issues since the nutrients are balanced as one with all the other cooperating elements.
The best and clear choice here is alkaline water which is an ideal hydrating source. It rarely occurs anywhere naturally anymore but you can purchase reasonably priced water alkalizers for home use that will provide you with a prolific quantity of excellent tasting water! It is worth the investment in your health if it means you can balance you pH and increase your health and longevity.

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