Fighting Back Against Age Associated Illnesses By Drinking Oolong Tea

In China there is a proverb that goes something like – a daily cup of tea keeps you out of the pharmacy. That may be pushing it somewhat but I am about to discuss the amazing health benefits you can achieve when drinking tea. Not just any tea mind you, oolong tea to be specific. Oolong tea is interconnected to green tea and black tea, since all three are derived from the same plant.  Green tea is created from the dried leaves of the plant while black tea is made from the tea leaves undergoing a fermentation procedure. Oolong tea is made by partially fermenting the tea leaves before they are dried.

High cholesterol is a precursor to forms of heart disease and triglycerides and cholesterol [both are fat substances found in the bloodstream], while important to your overall health, can begin to accumulate within the lining of your arteries. They begin to get narrower and the blood flow becomes constrained. The result of this process can mean contracting numerous deadly illnesses such as coronary thrombosis or heart attack as well as strokes – having high cholesterol is a very dangerous thing.

Research in a number of nations has revealed how a number of tea varieties appear to effect the production of cholesterol building in the bloodstream by decreasing cholesterol in blood fats. Of the tea brands tested, oolong tea was responsible for the greatest outcome. Tea is loaded with polyphenols and the suspicion is that these polyphenols impede the absorption of cholesterol when it is in the digestive system. This in turn reduces the level of cholesterol within the blood stream. As enlightening as this is there is still more, confirmation was discovered that these polyphenols in tea reduce the propensity of blood to create thrombi, these are dangerous blood clots.

Being grossly overweight or just some measure of obesity is becoming far too commonplace in our modern society. When a person is suffering from obesity it is much easier for them to fall victim to numerous heart conditions and diseases. In today’s fast paced environment many individuals find it easier to exist on junk food rather than preparing a healthy diet plan. This ultimately means your body will pay the price by clinging to this added fat and become devoid of the numerous minerals, vitamins and antioxidants your body requires to function optimally. The Chinese believe consuming tea will aid in the reduction of fat deposited in a person’s tissue. Oolong tea specifically receives the most accolades for this breakthrough discovery, though most tea probably will have some form of fat fighting advantage.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners could easily refer to any number of successful situations where individuals have experienced weight reduction due to the consumption of two or three cups of oolong tea each day. When oolong tea is combined with various other herbal elements together they form the basis for specific teas that are marketed commercially for weight reduction.

One particular Chinese advertisement for a weight reducing tea states that consuming it for a period of 90 days can assist tea drinker dropping upwards of fifteen pounds of excess weight. Whether or not drinking tea will actually aid in such dramatic weight reduction remains to be seen but there is enough evidence that it should certainly form part of any diet or slimming program.

Quite a bit of study has been committed to the part that tea drinking plays in cancer prevention. For instance, from twenty five health related reports that were offered at a Hangzhou Conference, nearly one third of these had to do with research into cancer and oolong tea. The studies have revealed that there is definitely a correlation between oolong tea and how it combats cancer by impeding the development or functional activity of carcinogenic substances. It seems that the epigallo catechin gallate or [EGCC] lowers the incidence of unrestrained DNA duplication.

Another well known antioxidant is vitamin E; EGCC is thought to be approximately two hundred times more potent at disposing of free radicals from the system. One more manner that oolong tea could aid in the battle against cancer is by stemming mutation in cells. The powerful antioxidant characteristics of oolong tea might impede this mutation of healthy cell DNA that can lead them to becoming cancerous cells.

Meat that has been cured has in it nitrates which could be transformed into nitrosamines during the process of digestion. Nitrosamines have been proven to be a cancer causing agent. Tea is capable of inhibiting the function of nitrosamines that are responsible for causing any cancer according to a physician named Han Chi, also an associate professor at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, linked to the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine. One study evaluated one hundred forty five varieties of tea and Dr Han and her associates actually rated green tea the most effectual, which had an inhibiting factor of ninety percent. This was immediately followed by oolong tea and black tea in order as the fermentation procedure eradicates the EGCC. When the oolong tea is fermented during the production phase, the EGCC quantity is reduced by roughly fifteen percent.

Centuries past in China, tea was a significant element in various immortality elixirs used often by Taoists. Even in this day and age, maybe just a resonance from the ancients, testimony is rampant that consuming oolong tea and other types are responsible for the old age acquired by many people. It is by no means a magic potion for immortality or youth but it does have many benefits that certainly add to a person’s longevity. It encourages optimal functionality of one’s body systems; it triggers the immune system, aids in optimized stomach function and assists in lowering the risk of developing heart disease. Tea also contains fluoride which helps build strong bones to prevent osteoporosis while it strengthens dental enamel.

Women who are pregnant or lactating should limit their oolong tea consumption to minimal quantities, it could also get in the way of MAO inhibitors and medications whose job is to thin the blood. When you consume oolong tea it could hinder the absorption process of any prescription medications you are taking. You have been reading about the benefits of oolong tea only and in no way should this information be substituted for medical advice from a qualified physician. You should always seek consultation with your primary health care professional prior to taking any new medication or herbal remedy or combining the same.

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