Healthy Weight Loss And Longevity Determined By Proper Nutrition Strategy

So many of us become concerned about our weight as we get older and this is a good thing – for the most part. We need to understand though that there is no way to do this quickly as achieving weight loss, optimal health and increased longevity takes patience. There are many fad diets available that do a great job of picking your pocket but that’s about it. I intend to explain to you that there are diet programs you should avoid and ones you should embrace. The fifty eight billion dollar weight loss industry has got to be reined in so follow closely as I expose certain diets for what they are, scams.

I am not going to personally attack any diet in particular but instead explain how counterproductive many can be based on their theories of losing weight. If just one person gives some sober second thought before following the next diet trend than I will be happy. Any diet you try should keep your physical and mental health as a priority over attaining a beach body. What follows are some general and familiar diet formulations:

Liquid Diets

• The majority of these are low in calorie diets.
• Less than a thousand daily calories is tantamount to starving yourself.
• How long do you feel you will last on a diet of this type? Do you expect you will be following this weight loss program for keeps?
• What happens after you reach your ideal weight?

Low Calorie Weight Loss Programs

• Once again, anything less than one thousand calories is starvation territory. That calorie total will slow down your metabolism and deny you of the nutrients your body requires. You will also be risking your health significantly.
• Your level of energy will be lowered noticeably.
• You will be dropping in weight but you may not actually be losing fat.

High Protein, Low Carb, High Fat Dieting

• Overdoing it on protein puts your kidneys at risk and other internal vital organs will struggle inevitably leading to increased health issues.
• High caloric counts from protein when not utilized as intended will convert into fat.
• You burn fat as a result of eating carbohydrates; hence you require carbs to aid in the metabolizing of fat.
• You require carbs for energy and when you do physical training.
• Your brain needs carbs in order to function and doing without means you will impede your level of focus, ability to calculate and organize all while your memory is affected and you suffer mood swings.
• High protein – low carb weight loss programs can lead to ketosis, an unhealthy condition that leads to a loss of body muscle mass.
• Carbs give you fiber, fats and animal proteins have zero fiber in them.
• Reduced carb diets can lead to a loss of water rather than a loss of fat.
• A high fat consumption change quite simply into body weight/fat and is unhealthy.

Reduced Protein, High Carb, No Fat Weight Loss Program

• Every cell in your body must have protein so a shortage of protein means a deficiency and eventual health concerns.
• You muscles require protein in order to stay strong and grow.
• Additional carbs could convert into body fat.
• Excessive carbohydrates will cause bloating and a puffy appearance.
• You cannot steer clear of fats in your diet; fat is found almost everywhere and even occurs innately in most foods.
• We all require a bit of fat for our health and energy needs and not enough fat can mean a deficiency in our vitamin soluble in fat as well as essential fatty acids.

Single Meal Each Day Diet

• Grazing food during the day is of considerable value for using calories more efficiently while producing continuous energy; each vital to overall fat loss and improvement in your health.
• One meal per day will not spawn a stable blood sugar level.
• Only having a single meal each day means you will be more inclined to binge or over eat during your one meal, particularly if you eat your only meal at night. During the day you could be eating uncontrollably.
• The single meal a day diet could mean poor food choices when you DO eat due to ravenous hunger that causes less discerning choices in what you do eat.

Single Food Type Of Diet

• Over eating one kind of food can mean a nutrient imbalance and a lack of the same leading to health difficulties that are both prolonged and short term.
• Nothing but fruit diet will result in fluid weight loss and not fat, which is the objective.
• Dieting of this variety could gradually mean a loss of muscularity related to your metabolism. More lean body muscle constitutes an active metabolism; sustaining a low body mass means you will lose weight quicker.

Refined, Boxed, Manufactured Food Diet

• Your food loses nutrients whenever it is refined or modified from its innate form.
• Cutting calories means you will lose weight. Though, if your diet consists of refined, packaged foods than your weight loss possibilities are restricted due to the quality of food you consume and health again could be compromised.
• Our systems cannot adequately metabolize food preservatives and additives in refined food.
• When we ingest unnatural foodstuffs we defeat the purpose of losing weight in the first place which is to lose fat, improve our health, and increase our functionality so we feel great.

Diet Drugs, Diet Supplements, Preparations And Products

These days we are bombarded by quick fix this or that and we love it because we want quick everything! Many people hoping to lose weight are drawn to taking huge quantities of supplements and “fat burners” in drinks, tablets and bars. Hear this: there is no quick fix or magic pill, drink or bar that will mean better health, a longer life or weight loss…period! Know that excessive amount of supplements can create health problems. You may see a quick loss of weight at first using diet pills but it will only be temporary and return with a vengeance. In addition, diet drugs have short term adverse reactions causing medical issues. Just know these kinds of things do not work.

One Piece Of The Equation Weight Loss Program

If you hear that eating six meals daily, exercise, eating better, eating less, eating only glycemic food or raw food etc. is how you should proceed with a diet, that is one piece of the puzzle. These might well be good ideas and assist in helping you lose weight but the entire picture is also important. Only hearing part of the dieting equation is akin to piecing together a picture puzzle and not having all the pieces; it will never be complete.

What follows is the last word on limited and unbalanced dieting or the rapid weight loss programs.

• Bad Health
The majority of rapid weight loss plans limit caloric intake or restrict adequate nutrient ingestion, they place you at undue hazard because of a lack of vitamins and minerals, fiber and the essential nutrients you need. You are being primed for future health difficulties while dieting both short term and down the road.

• Dehydration
Certain rapid weight loss plans encourage low carb consumption. Nevertheless, the majority of weight loss like this is usually just water and glycogen. Our body is made up of over sixty percent water and this type of plan can lead to dehydration fast. Dehydration causes tiredness and irritability, joint pain and stiffness, headaches, upset stomach and nausea, unbalanced electrolytes and more. Extreme dehydration is very serious causing seizures, coma and sometimes death.

A further problem from fluid weight loss is females are scammed into believing that they are dropping fat when the reality is immediately upon introducing carbs once more the lost water is replenished and the ladies think they regained all of the fat they thought they lost on the diet plan.

• Lowered Body Mass Reduction
Reduced muscle mass is generally the outcome from any kind of low cal, low carb malnutrition diet plan. Actually, when muscularity is lost, your metabolism slows down. Daily consumption of fewer than one thousand calories constitutes starvation and your body will innately begin to scavenge for body fat in order to survive.

• A Reduction In Energy
When you eat limited calories, particularly carbohydrates, you are restricting your top source of power. You require this energy so your body and brain continue to function normally. If not, you start to feel drained, irritated easily, and mentally inept. You will also lack the energy to do any kind of physical activity. Caloric intake is vital for your health and they do plenty for you such as supply you with energy, life, vivaciousness so why would you sacrifice all that?

• You Will Increase Body Fat
You are setting yourself up for failure by starting a restricted or unbalanced diet. The promotion for the fad diets is so often backed up by nothing and formed on a basis of gimmickry and false testimony.

Because the majority of the fad diet plans present ways to drop weight quickly and disregard your safety, any outcome will be suspicious. Once you attempt a quick loss fad diet, any chance of returning to a normal, well balanced meal pattern can increase your odds of regaining the lost weight and with a vengeance.

When you simple add back the lost weight you create a sense of urgent desperation usually leading to yet another fast weight loss fad diet and a gradual decline into yo-yo dieting habits. These are so very unhealthy, expensive, aggravating, and can lead into a dangerous pattern.

The good news is though there is an increase in the number of excellent dieting programs becoming available that can aid in reducing your weight while keeping you healthy. These diets are well evaluated, widely acknowledged and based on sound nutritional philosophy. Be sure you seek out a diet program that offers hope and not pie in the sky promises
The majority of fitness gurus, diet and nutrition experts and doctors in the know will agree that we must ingest quality wholesome foods and beverages to sustain a low body fat and keep up our vital health. We have to quit eating crappy junk foods, fast foods, fried foods and highly processed or refined foods. The tough discussions start over just what the right caloric intake needs to be daily and at what nutrient rate. A debate is also ongoing the viability of being vegetarian, vegan, or neither.

There is wide agreement on one issue – fat loss is the issue! Not simply dropping weight. Real and sustainable weight loss does not occur quickly and getting in shape is better achieved when you add exercise into the mix. A survey conducted by WebMD stated that verifiable weight loss tactics included a balanced diet with a reduction in calories and a regular physical training routine. If your desire is to achieve low body fat, longevity and a healthy and vigorous lifestyle, you must have a healthy diet and physical activity!

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