Scientists Claim “Clean Eating” Will Increase Our Longevity

When was the last time you heard the phrase – you are what you eat? After reading this text you may want to post it in neon lights on your refrigerator. I am not suggesting that one day you will mysteriously awaken looking like a linguini noodle. However, we all need to pay closer attention to what we consume.

Rest assured that all these nutrients and elements from the food we are eating make it into the tiniest reaches of our system. Without them we would not survive so they have an obvious impact on our being. The nutrients that we ingest establish the makeup of our cellular membrane covering, our bone marrow, blood and even our hormones. When you think that an average person sheds approximately three hundred billion cells every single day to age progression and needs to replace these, it becomes apparent this process is complex. This complexity is derived from the fact that our body is actually produced based on the food we are giving it to survive.

This fact makes it so crucial that we must take the utmost care in what we are supplying our bodies – also why consuming clean food should be a vital precedence. We can no longer tolerate the consumption of junk food since we know it is far from harmless. If our body is made up from what we are feeding it, we must be sure that food is “clean”.

Prior to 1993, any list documenting the major causes of mortality in America would have included heart disease, cancer and strokes. In this same year, several medical doctors shifted the standards when they released in print a report called “Actual Causes of Death in the United States” to the Journal of American Medical Association looking at what was at the root of these diseases.

Their results showed that entirely half of the yearly mortality rate of almost one million were early onset and might have been avoided for a time by altering certain behaviors such as smoking, their food intake and amount of physical activity, alcohol use, firearms usage, sexual permissiveness, automobile accidents and illegal use of drugs. Just smoking, lousy diets and poor exercise commitment made up about seven hundred thousand early onset deaths in the year 1990.

Scientists working with the Center for Disease Control [CDC] in 2004 once again looked at the Medical Association report from the Journal and revealed an identical outcome. There was a difference that stood out this time around; deaths from poor diets had increased mainly due to a spike in the amount of obesity and diabetes that was prevalent.

 A year ago in the summer of 2009, the CDC science community released a report in the Archives of Internal Medicine evaluating case work of better than twenty three thousand German citizens, all adults who were signed on to the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition research or [EPIC] and looked into four behaviors: Were they eating properly? Were they a healthy weight? Did they get enough physical activity? Did they smoke?

Those contributors who rated four good answers [proper diet, body mass index under thirty, physically active, non smokers] versus the people with four negative answers [all opposites], had an eighty percent reduced risk of developing any major prolonged illnesses. Think of the impact if there was an available medication that reduced our risk of dying early for any reason by eighty percent!

I am sure the phrase nature versus nurture – or genetics versus environment – is not new to most but these studies have clearly displayed that our lifestyle choices are very influential where they can be used to cultivate nature or command our genes. Numerous research studies have revealed this to be so, Researcher r. Dean Ornish and his associates have compiled evidence that is the most persuasive to this point. They prepared a program for men diagnosed with prostate cancer a clean living strategy that incorporated a healthy, plant based meal plan; consistent exercise and a program for managing their stress levels, all of which displayed an obvious decrease in gene reaction that ordinarily would encourage prostate cancer progression and at the same time elevating the genes that are able to have power over it.

 It is that type of power and assurance we derive from clean eating so it is useful to understand its definition. It is not necessarily organic. There is some food that is organic but not very nutritious, or even nutritious while not being organic, for instance broccoli produced by conventional manners. Organic is no doubt good for us but it is not an altogether final definition of “clean.”

When food is considered clean, it has been refined or processed as little as possible and it comes straight from nature’s source. These are whole foods that are additive free with no coloring, flavoring, sweeteners or hormones. Better are those foods that have singular word ingredients such as almonds, spinach, blueberries, lentils and salmon. If the included list of ingredients is shorter, all the better, since it leaves little space for production waywardness by adding other substances and chemicals like sugar, salt, hazardous oils and any useless calories. If you see this long and hard to understand labeling, turn your back and start walking away quickly!

Evidence exists that, in general, the more natural the food that you eat is, and the lesser quantity of calories you will require to feel full. The grounds for this fact is due to heavily processed foods having low fiber and water content, higher rates of calories versus nutrients and an amalgam of tastes ranging from sugar to salt and other flavoring that are meant to trigger your appetite region in the hypothalamus portion of your brain.

Clean foods do just the reverse: they contain plenty of fiber and liquid, a high rate of nutrients over calories with no additional flavors – the combination of which drives indicators to satiate your brain prior to you overloading on calories. A fir instance would be considering the number of raw almonds you would consume before halting, now think about if they were honey coated almonds. It is the honey laden exterior that propels you to eat more than you require or perhaps even want. When you practice “clean eating”, you will be able to manage your weight all the time with no feeling of being disadvantaged by hunger pangs or a constant hankering for more.
Therefore we need to have a final look at clean eating and why it is so important to you. Our physical bodies are busy replenishing so many billions of cells on a daily basis as they utilize the food we provide as the root of this cell rebuilding enterprise. When we eat properly we achieve a piece of the blueprint that might well modify our chances of contracting any of the serious and eventual age related illnesses and diseases by eighty percent and actually accomplish inner health at the genetic molecular level.

The scientific community has proven how critical every piece of food is that we put into our bodies. Little did we realize back in the day when our mother said “you are what you eat” that she really did know what she was talking about. When we choose to eat clean food, we are choosing life, longevity and good health for ourselves and what can be better than that!

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