Longevity Solutions for Everyone

The advancement of age is not something that is just innately associated with the passing of time. Aging is something that starts when we officially become adults, carries forward while we endure our middle age and then after we reach fifty years old it appears to pick up the pace. Some individuals consider the process of aging to be a disease and that anti aging solutions are simply a means of treating this disease.

It is not the actual time that makes you grow old but the maltreatment that catches up to us. When we contract a degenerative disease it is a strong signal that free radicals have damaged our cells. When we slow or delay this free radical harm, we call this anti aging. Out longevity is dependent upon good nutrition and modification of our lifestyle while getting adequate physical exercise on a day to day basis.

Research into why we age has been extensive but in the most rudimentary of explanations, what follow are some reasons why we start aging:

• We absorb fewer nutrients because of a decline in our enzymes along with a shortage of hydrochloric acid in our stomach;
• An accumulation of contaminants inside our body caused by our food intake and exposure to our environmental surroundings;
• Our metabolism is slowed and we gain weight, thus frustrating the problem with a lack of activity;
• Our breathing capacity begins to decline which impacts the supply of oxygen to our cells;
• Our cells become damaged due to unchecked free radical damage;

A very large part of how we age is the result of how we have lived our life. Like a retirement savings plan, later in life you will be relying on what you invested into it earlier on. The good news is that there is no time limit on physical and psychological restoration thanks to anti aging tactical planning. We will all end up dying sooner or later, longevity has an expiration date. However, we can comfortably progress in age without having to suffer through the agonizing decline usually associated with aging.

We’ve all heard of those people who simply grow old and die comfortably in their sleep. Not sick a day in their lives and they simply pass away for no other reason than they were old. Most of us on the other hand wind up perishing because of a failure of vital organs usually related to a serious chronic illness or as a consequence of disease. Diseases considered to be age related are not related at all to age but rather to lousy lifestyle options we have chosen and so beginning at the molecular level, the process of dying begins.

The sooner we begin to properly feed and nourish our cells so they can efficiently regenerate, the better off we will be from a health perspective. This of course begins with us making the choice to stop something harming us – just as we initially made the choice to start willfully harming ourselves. When we make the right choice we can make a fast start to health by eating a better diet, starting to get more physical activity and by taking a strong anti aging supplement. We stop doing things like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, illicit drug use and eating crappy food on the run.

The progressive diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease etc., are not unique from one another factually. These illnesses are actually dissimilar outcomes from the free radical harm being done to or cellular structure. By doing something effective to thwart or safeguard oneself from this free radical damage is anti aging.

How To Avoid Early Onset Aging

Be careful not to overdo it with poor choice extremes such as smoking, drinking alcohol, abusing illicit drugs and eating excessively, and refrain from assuming a blithe attitude toward your lifestyle, it will catch up to you.

We take our respiratory system for granted – it’s just breathing. Each breath of oxygen is a gift and is essentially what is sustaining your life, without it you will perish. Regardless of your current age, learn to breathe correctly.

Some may wonder why the act of breathing is so crucial to your longevity. Consider that we take approximately twenty thousand breaths per day (or twelve to fourteen breaths each minute). This is one way we rid our bodies of toxicity like carbon dioxide.
When we breathe we are cleaning and oxygenating our blood. Our energy and endurance are enhanced by the act of breathing and we manage and regulate any pain we have with our breathing. Our blood pressure is maintained by our breathing and we actually can lower our cholesterol by breathing. We cleanse our minds when we breathe, free ourselves from objectionable emotions as well as reduce stress when breathing. Our concentration and focus is augmented by proper breathing. Practicing Qi Gong would help maintain your health mentally and physically.

“Everything in moderation” is a great phraseology and a standout approach to one’s life. Be careful not to eat too much, safeguard yourself from stressful environments and try not to wear yourself down physically or emotionally. Always strive for adequate rest and sleep. Understand that when you allow stress to overtake you one significant result of this is you open up your immunity system to hazard. Nothing you achieve is worth risking your health over, simply ask anyone who paid the price for success. Teaching yourself to relax and not burn the candle at both ends is a worthy challenge and practicing relaxation techniques and meditation are proven methods for doing this.

Genetics plays a role in our longevity and health and some folks do not need the anti aging planning that some others may require. If you are one of those who comes up short on genetics, implementing the lifestyle modifications discussed can go a long way to securing a healthy anti aging lifestyle.

Being optimistic, a cup half full kind of person is another means of anti aging. Knowing that just being happy and not worrying about things can add years to your life. This is no joke; it is proven fact that people who remain optimistic into their senior years have better longevity than average. People who are optimistic live longer than the average gloomy Gus out there. You can tell who these people are by the way they pull away from society and seem to only speak of negative things. Those people who worry about everything and fret over nothing age quickly! Have ways of releasing stress such as healthy sexual activity, sports excitement and some doable physical challenges that test you.

One of the least mentioned but most effective means of staving off old age is having a sense of humor. Laughter truly is the best medicine and some people believe that it is a little known way to burn off calories! It is a reliable way of quickly adjusting your attitude from unconstructive to upbeat. Learn to laugh at yourself first and laughing at others will become easier.

Laughing at adversity really does work as anyone who laughs even in the wake of someone’s death can readily attest to. It dramatically relieves stress and is an instant mood lifter. Humor is an important part of life as is evident in the fact that laughter is one of our more prevalent dispositions. Those people who have the ability to laugh and utilize their sense of humor will live longer.

Keep your mind actively participating in life. Sounds strange yes, but as we age our minds can easily become slowed through inactivity. Read more and quiz yourself afterwards to see what you were able to comprehend. Play skill games that challenge you and do whatever is necessary to grow your mental prowess.

Practice the power of forgiveness and nurture all relationships. Let go of negative feeling towards other people who you think have wronged you. In your mind’s eye, think about having a large eraser and brush away all unpleasant memories or inequities done to you. It is actually unhealthy to harbor these unpleasant experiences inside you so learn to let them go. The simple act of forgiving, even if it is only one way, it takes the burden off you and frees you to move forward.

Friendships are important and need to be two way deals. Companionship is a bit different whereby you are closer to an individual, say a spouse or dear friend. These relationships will help you to live longer and if you do not have such a companion, it would behoove you to nurture such a relationship at work, with neighbors and friends so you have someone you can share with and doing so is practicing yet another form of anti aging.

Control your emotions. There is no better way to speak of emotional people than to say they should harmonize their emotions so they are converted to a personal spirituality of oneself. Avoid being held hostage by your emotions but rather control them rather than them controlling you. Unbalanced emotions deny you the spirituality you require to achieve peace as you age. Locate that middle ground where your emotions are concerned so you will be able to enjoy harmony and tranquility for your longevity.

It is time you did something to prepare for your advancement of age. Regardless of where you are at in your life from a health perspective or age, practicing anti aging techniques like those we have just discussed will actually help you live a longer life.

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