I began to see Dr. Weihong Yuan for Acupuncture treatments during a very stressful time in my life. My father, mother and brother all became ill, and they died within a three year period. Dr. Yuan was able to help me with anxiety, depression, sinus problems, constipation, dizziness and overall health issues. I felt as though her treatments were so beneficial that I often recommended her acupuncture care to friends and family members for a variety of medical concerns.

Nearly all of the people who I referred had positive results with a variety of ailments including the following: migraine headaches, backaches, knee pain, anxiety and depression and smoking cessation.

I feel blessed to have received acupuncture treatments from Dr. Weihong Yuan, and I highly recommend her due to her kindness, compassion, intelligence, dedication and medical expertise.


To whom it may concern:


I received acupuncture treatments from Dr. Weihong Yuan for approximately 2 years.  Dr. Yuan mainly treated me for Crohn’s Disease, but periodically she treated me to help with sinuses, hair thinning and arthritis in my hand.  Dr. Yuan’s treatment was professional, effective and done with a caring disposition.


I referred several friends and relatives to Dr. Yuan because of my confidence in her abilities.





I was under the care of Dr. Weihong Yuan for back pain, sciatic and circulation pain. I also had arthritis and sinus and allergy problem. Dr. Weihong Yuan treated me from August 2009 through Oct 31, 2009.

By the time I finished with my last appointment, I no longer had leg pain when I walked, and my hands were pain free, My back pain had stopped and I was able to stand up straighter and walk without losing my strength.

Thank you very much Dr. Weihong Yuan.

I highly recommend Dr. Weihong Yuan.

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