I initially learned of the outstanding results, quality and care in treatment provided by Dr. Weihong Yuan through a colleague. Continuing to hear many amazing results through others who stopped by my office or greeted me in the hallway with testimonials to the healing they had experienced following acupuncture with Dr. Weihong Yuan, I stopped in to introduce myself and to inquire about her treatment. Feeling like I had met a very kind and knowledgeable woman, I left with an informational brochure and a card which I held in my “until I know more” file. Sharing an office with several other therapists, located next door to Dr. Weihong Yuan, I continued to hear amazing testimonials to her gentle and effective treatment people of various ages and cultures had experienced, including: how their pain had subsided in their back- a secretary , in our same building, no longer suffered pain in her neck or the associated fatigue after only several sessions with Dr. Weihong Yuan - how one woman had been in treatment and had such relief with an initial treatment she subsequently returned for several treatments with Dr. Weihong Yuan, and was now experiencing the joys of living without the fear or trepidation of living day to day not knowing how she would cope with the pain she had been experiencing - and how fortunate parents with an infant felt at how her gentle treatments had provided cessation of colic with their infant. After being hit by a drunk driver and sustaining multiple injuries to my neck, back and shoulder (my rotator cuff was torn), I chose physical therapy as my first option and after listening to those who had found such relief, sought Dr. Weihong Yuan’s explanation of “cupping” since a friend had opted to have “cupping” rather than surgery, with total success. I found significant relief from “cupping” and from the acupuncture in treatment with Dr. Weihong Yuan. Dr. Weihong Yuan readily shares her knowledge. In my own experience, I discovered for myself, that Dr. Weihong Yuan’s techniques are both gentle and painless and the results provide immense relief throughout healing. I do not hesitate to suggest a person talk with her, make an appointment and learn for yourself if this treatment is helpful to you. Dr. Weihong Yuan is knowledgeable, skilled, and has provided such relief in the lives of all those I know who are fortunate to have had her treatment, including myself. She is a wonderful, wonderful physician and doctor of oriental medicine!


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