Dr. Weihong Yuan,

My wife Terrie and I appreciate your wonderful healing work, and you are someone that we can count as a valued friend.

I have lost track of the number of people that have been acquainted with me before my debilitating back injuries in 2000; stood by me as I went through every conceivable type of intervention and pain relief effort know to Western no avail. The entire gamut of physical therapy, injections, physical and electrical stimuli, nerve blocks and even the Western version of accupuncture did absolutely nothing to relieve the excruciating pain that the twisting fall had caused.

It was not until I was referred to you, Dr. Yuan, by the head of a pain clinic, that relief from pain was found. Both your demeanor and expertise have been such a blessing that it defies words. Going from constant pain even after all of the efforts of traditional pain clinics and hospitals (including University of Michigan, Cleveland Clinic, Ford Hospital, Ingham County Regional Hospital, Sparrow Hospital and private pain clinics and rehabilitation clinics), the relief that I have obtained from you, has allowed me to resume my contracting business, and more importantly, to enjoy life again.

May God Bless,


I first came to Dr. Weihong Yuan to seek relief from my seasonal allergies. I had been undergoing allergy shots for approximately 1 ½ years at this point, and while my allergies had improved with the shots, I had reached a plateau with them, and wanted seek an alternative solution. Referred by a colleague plagued by allergies, I was dumbfounded after the FIRST session to be able to breathe without congestion in my nose. After 5-6 sessions, I no longer had to use my allergy medicine. Almost one year later, I do occasionally use my allergy medicine, usually during a weather change, but have discontinued all allergy shots and feel normal again. I have not had a sinus infection or strep throat in over a year. Previously, I would suffer either one of those ailments, 4 times a year. Subsequent to the success with the allergies, I again contacted Dr. Weihong Yuan regarding a pinched nerve in the neck area, which radiated numbness and tingly down my left arm to my fingers. My chiropractor had been unable to give much relief through 2 months of adjustments, so I underwent acupuncture and “cupping” for approximately 6-7 sessions. Amazing is all I can say. The pain, the numbness, EVERYTHING, was GONE! After only 6 sessions.

Dr. Yuan’s work as a doctor of acupuncture is amazing. I put my trust in her, and allowed her to do that which she felt was necessary for my well-being, and she helped me recover from my ailments. Please allow her to use her medical expertise to help you heal.

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