Dear Dr. Yuan,

My wife and I would like to thank you for your kind and competent care provided to us over the past 5 years.

As you are aware, I sought your consultation and treatment when I exhausted all western medical model options and was left with the choice of surgery or chronic pain. Your diagnostic acumen was exceptional. Not only were you able to discern the precise location of my difficulties however also discovered a medication side effect with cardiac implications. I had been taking Celebrex for inflammation of the shoulder and developed an arrhythmia that you confirmed on an in depth reading of my pulse. You had no knowledge of the side effect I had before your examination.

In short, I fully recovered from my shoulder pain without surgery and have returned to my usual activities with no return of the symptoms. This was 5 years ago.

Similarly, you treated my wife who had a history of back problems that were unremitting until she met you.

We thank you for your professionalism, clinical knowledge and kind bedside manner.

Many thanks

----- Dr. Furgison

Dr. Weihong Yuan,

My wife Terrie and I appreciate your wonderful healing work, and you are someone that we can count as a valued friend.

I have lost track of the number of people that have been acquainted with me before my debilitating back injuries in 2000; stood by me as I went through every conceivable type of intervention and pain relief effort know to Western no avail. The entire gamut of physical therapy, injections, physical and electrical stimuli, nerve blocks and even the Western version of accupuncture did absolutely nothing to relieve the excruciating pain that the twisting fall had caused.

It was not until I was referred to you, Dr. Yuan, by the head of a pain clinic, that relief from pain was found. Both your demeanor and expertise have been such a blessing that it defies words. Going from constant pain even after all of the efforts of traditional pain clinics and hospitals (including University of Michigan, Cleveland Clinic, Ford Hospital, Ingham County Regional Hospital, Sparrow Hospital and private pain clinics and rehabilitation clinics), the relief that I have obtained from you, has allowed me to resume my contracting business, and more importantly, to enjoy life again.

May God Bless,


Doctor Weihong Yuan

I would like to thank you for helping me with my hip problem.

When I first walked into your office I was using a cane and could not pull my socks on and off without major pain. Dressing myself was very hard and painful. It had been 4 years after a vehicle accident and I had seen at least 10 different doctors and specialist. No one could help and all they did was prescribed pain pills which did not help.

After only 3 visits I was able to walk without the cane and could dress myself with little to no problem. Although I still have a little pain and walk with a slight limp it is nothing compared to what I was living with.

Please feel free to use my name as a reference.

Thank you


Approximately 4 years ago I had a Sciatic nerve problem. It was so bad that during traveling I could not sit for more than an hour due to the pain. I went to Chiropractors’, tried Sports massage therapy with no luck. Than someone told me about acupuncture, I called Dr. Weihong Yuan and after 3 visits the Sciatic nerve problem went away, and to this date I have not had any problems related to that issue. I have gone to Dr. Weihong Yuan for other problems and I was happy with the outcome. I find her as a very professional and caring person


Dear Dr. Weihong Yuan,

This letter is to share my appreciation for the wonderful services that you rendered to my son, Derek. I brought him to you in the spring of 2008 with tendinitus in his left arm. He is a baseball pitcher and had suffered recurring arm problems for some time, to the point where I had brought him to an expensive sports medicine clinic for treatment. It was the failure of the sports medicine clinic to help my son that lead me to your door. After three treatments, my son felt considerable relief and he was able to pitch without pain. As the season progressed you continued to treat his arm and also helped him learn how to relax during times of anxiety. The final result? He not only lead his team to the state championship series, he earned a college scholarship for pitching. Currently, he is in his sophomore year and still pitching without pain.

 Thanks so much for your care and expertise.


I initially learned of the outstanding results, quality and care in treatment provided by Dr. Weihong Yuan through a colleague. Continuing to hear many amazing results through others who stopped by my office or greeted me in the hallway with testimonials to the healing they had experienced following acupuncture with Dr. Weihong Yuan, I stopped in to introduce myself and to inquire about her treatment. Feeling like I had met a very kind and knowledgeable woman, I left with an informational brochure and a card which I held in my “until I know more” file. Sharing an office with several other therapists, located next door to Dr. Weihong Yuan, I continued to hear amazing testimonials to her gentle and effective treatment people of various ages and cultures had experienced, including: how their pain had subsided in their back- a secretary , in our same building, no longer suffered pain in her neck or the associated fatigue after only several sessions with Dr. Weihong Yuan - how one woman had been in treatment and had such relief with an initial treatment she subsequently returned for several treatments with Dr. Weihong Yuan, and was now experiencing the joys of living without the fear or trepidation of living day to day not knowing how she would cope with the pain she had been experiencing - and how fortunate parents with an infant felt at how her gentle treatments had provided cessation of colic with their infant. After being hit by a drunk driver and sustaining multiple injuries to my neck, back and shoulder (my rotator cuff was torn), I chose physical therapy as my first option and after listening to those who had found such relief, sought Dr. Weihong Yuan’s explanation of “cupping” since a friend had opted to have “cupping” rather than surgery, with total success. I found significant relief from “cupping” and from the acupuncture in treatment with Dr. Weihong Yuan. Dr. Weihong Yuan readily shares her knowledge. In my own experience, I discovered for myself, that Dr. Weihong Yuan’s techniques are both gentle and painless and the results provide immense relief throughout healing. I do not hesitate to suggest a person talk with her, make an appointment and learn for yourself if this treatment is helpful to you. Dr. Weihong Yuan is knowledgeable, skilled, and has provided such relief in the lives of all those I know who are fortunate to have had her treatment, including myself. She is a wonderful, wonderful physician and doctor of oriental medicine!



Dr.Weihong Yuan treated me for severe neck and headache pain. The treatment was very successful and I always felt great immediately following and for many days thereafter. I went for acupunture on and off for three years and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from pain and other aliments treated with acupuncture. I recommended my brother who suffers from horrible back pain even though he has has two back surgeries to visit Dr. Weihong Yuan to see if she could help. My brother traveled 50 miles round trip to see Dr. Weihong Yuan for 3 consecutive visits and experienced immediate relief. My mother suffered a mini stroke that affected her optic nerve leaving her legally blind in her right eye. After many acupunture treatments with Dr. Weihong Yuan my mother felt some slight improvement and wishes she had visited immediately following the mini stroke as time makes a difference.

One of the things my family and I appreciated about Dr. Weihong Yuan was her gentleness but more importantly her honesty in explaining that if we did not see improvement after 3-4 visits she may not be able to help.


I first came to Dr. Weihong Yuan to seek relief from my seasonal allergies. I had been undergoing allergy shots for approximately 1 ½ years at this point, and while my allergies had improved with the shots, I had reached a plateau with them, and wanted seek an alternative solution. Referred by a colleague plagued by allergies, I was dumbfounded after the FIRST session to be able to breathe without congestion in my nose. After 5-6 sessions, I no longer had to use my allergy medicine. Almost one year later, I do occasionally use my allergy medicine, usually during a weather change, but have discontinued all allergy shots and feel normal again. I have not had a sinus infection or strep throat in over a year. Previously, I would suffer either one of those ailments, 4 times a year.

Subsequent to the success with the allergies, I again contacted Dr. Weihong Yuan regarding a pinched nerve in the neck area, which radiated numbness and tingly down my left arm to my fingers. My chiropractor had been unable to give much relief through 2 months of adjustments, so I underwent acupuncture and “cupping” for approximately 6-7 sessions. Amazing is all I can say. The pain, the numbness, EVERYTHING, was GONE! After only 6 sessions.

Dr. Yuan’s work as a doctor of acupuncture is amazing. I put my trust in her, and allowed her to do that which she felt was necessary for my well-being, and she helped me recover from my ailments. Please allow her to use her medical expertise to help you heal.


Dear Dr. Yuan:

We want to personally thank you for the time we were able to spend with you. The care you provided helped balance our bodies beyond anything we aimed for. Between the two of us, you helped lower blood pressure, eliminate kidney pain, restore full nights of peaceful sleep – which had been missing for years, decrease shaking from familial tremors, and deliver overall body equilibrium.

We each started our journey with you for a different and specific reason, but were amazed at all the things you brought back to balance. From our first consultation we were blown away with all you detected that we had not even mentioned or given much attention to! Even though we came to you focused on a specific thing we were happy to learn how everything fit together as a whole and what your style and approach of acupuncture had to offer. You don’t realize how much balance is missing from your body until it is restored!

Your combination of knowledge, technique, experience, and true art form of your practice make you a one-of-a-kind treasure.


Adam and Jennifer

I went to Dr. Yuan to help me with life long insomnia. At the time I was on sleeping pills for over two years. Within weeks of my acupuncture sessions I was off the sleeping pills and sleeping better and better as time went by. This is almost a miracle considering my years of sleep struggles!

Dr. Yuan also helped my boyfreind, who had terrible acute knee pain. After his first session, his pain was gone in a matter of hours.

I think Dr. Yuan is pleasant, knowledgable and I fell very confident in her healing abilities.


I was under the care of Dr. Weihong Yuan for back pain, sciatic and circulation pain. I also had arthritis and sinus and allergy problem. Dr. Weihong Yuan treated me from August 2009 through Oct 31, 2009.

By the time I finished with my last appointment, I no longer had leg pain when I walked, and my hands were pain free, My back pain had stopped and I was able to stand up straighter and walk without losing my strength.

Thank you very much Dr. Weihong Yuan.

I highly recommend Dr. Weihong Yuan.

Dear Dr. Yuan,
You took care of my foot problem so well that I sometimes even forgot how much pain I had before you treated me. It will be almost impossible to find a Chinese doctor as professional and caring as you if I run into other problems in the future. But I guess Florida is not as far as going back to Asia for treatment, so may be I will go to visit you when I need you next time.

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