• Acupuncture Provides Headache Relief Click here for the report.

  • My daughter was suffering from migraine headaches since she was 7 years old. She had severe headaches almost every day and was taking pain relievers at least twice a week. Medications that were prescribed by doctors did not provide much relieve and caused severe side effects. Chiropractor did not help with her headaches at all. We decided to try acupuncture when my daughter was ten years old. Immediately she started feeling better and was able to discontinue all medications. As a last resort we tried acupuncture and it worked! Dr. Weihong Yuan was great working with my young daughter and my daughter was very comfortable during her sessions, she was even able to fall asleep! Dr. Weihong Yuan was very knowledgeable, kind and trustworthy. She was also very flexible with her hours. My family is very grateful to Dr. Weihong Yuan for all her help.


    Dr.Weihong Yuan treated me for severe neck and headache pain. The treatment was very successful and I always felt great immediately following and for many days thereafter. I went for acupuncture on and off for three years and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from pain and other aliments treated with acupuncture. I recommended my brother who suffers from horrible back pain even though he has has two back surgeries to visit Dr. Weihong Yuan to see if she could help. My brother traveled 50 miles round trip to see Dr. Weihong Yuan for 3 consecutive visits and experienced immediate relief. My mother suffered a mini stroke that affected her optic nerve leaving her legally blind in her right eye. After many acupuncture treatments with Dr. Yuan my mother felt some slight improvement and wishes she had visited immediately following the mini stroke as time makes a difference.

    One of the things my family and I appreciated about Dr. Weihong Yuan was her gentleness but more importantly her honesty in explaining that if we did not see improvement after 3-4 visits she may not be able to help.


    I have been receiving Acupuncture, Acupressure and Chinese Medical treatments for 35 years. Originally, in 1975, I used Acupuncture and other Holistic methods, to reverse a malignant cervical cancer diagnosis. I avoided a Hysterectomy and healed the condition in five months. After being treated recently by Dr. Yuan, for headaches and "anti-aging", I felt so honored to be in the presence of such a knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. I'm going to continue to have a few more treatments for health prevention and general maintenance. I have already referred two people to Dr. Yuan and there will be many more.

    -- Jill
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