Dr. Weihong Yuan is one of most impressive health professionals I have encountered. I frequently referred my patients to her. Without exception, they reported that she was a true healer, that she was kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable. I had the good fortune to be her patient and sent family members to her as well. Not only were we treated gently and respectfully, but experienced symptom relief within two treatments. I recommend her services without reservation.

Dr. Daitch

I came to know Dr. Weihong Yuan when I learned about her work from patient of mine. I eventually went to Dr. Yuan as a patient. Upon our first meeting, I found her very pleasant and compassionate. I found her treatment extremely helpful and subsequently referred other to her. I also took my son to have treatment from her. I highly recommend her as a patient and as a physician.

Diane, M.D.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a patient of Dr. Weihong Yuan for several years. During that time Dr. Yuan treated me very successfully for various conditions. Dr. Yuan is an expert in her field and always professional, efficient and knowledgeable in her interactions with clients.

I have referred many of my friends to Dr. Yuan over the years and all have been very impressed and pleased with the consequences.

Very truly yours,



 Dr. Weihong Yuan is committed to excellence in healthcare through the practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Having been treated by several different acupuncture doctors and licensed practitioners, I am able to make a competent evaluation of  Dr Yuan. During the initial consultation, I was impressed by the thorough and broad-spectrum medical assessment that was conducted. Dr. Yuan's knowledge of disease, pain, general health, and medicine is in-depth and up to date with current information. Each acupuncture treatment was very thorough and conducted with the utmost compassion. Dr. Yuan provides the best in Acupuncture Healthcare, which includes ethics that are beyond reproach, a high level of service, and an expertise in the practice of acupuncture and healing with an incredible dedication to health restoration.                                   Joelle.

Dr. Weihong Yuan is knowledgeable in treating what I found conventional medicine could not totally address. Dr. Yuan’s approach to treating the body with acupuncture, diet and her knowledge of how the body systems interact, lead to an improvement and remission of my condition. With Dr. Yuan’s help, I was able to wean off medication safely that could lead to osteoporosis.  I have great respect for her professional ability and expertise. I do feel I would still be battling my medical condition at this time without her assistance. Nancy - Pharmacist

Dr. Weihong Yuan's gentle soul and confident commitment to improving the lives of her patients is exemplory. She is thorough and concerned with the total well-being of her patients, and goes above and beyond to ensure that you receive the highest care. I would recommend her to anyone interested in improving their mind-body experience.


I have seen Dr. Weihong Yuan for accupuncture treatments for a couple of years now, and have found it to be a positive and euphoric experience. She is a very caring and professional doctor, therefore I am very pleased to be a patient of hers.


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