Frozen Shoulder

Treatment of Frozen Shoulder Using Chinese Medicine

As is often noted for treatment of acupuncture therapy, the methods used for frozen shoulder involves diverse ideas about selection of points. There are two main strategies: involving either local or distal treatments. Many of the local points chosen are ones at the shoulder and then some others on the affected meridian (mainly small intestine and large intestine meridians) along the arms and hands. Distal points may be used instead (as in the case of several below the knee points, and also for scalp acupuncture). In some cases, contralateral treatment is relied upon; other times, both local and distal points are on the affected side. Less often, both local and distal points are used. In terms of the points most frequently selected, the local points jianyu (LI-15), bianao (LI-14), and quchi (LI-11) of the large intestine meridian and jianzhen (SI-9), bingfeng (SI-12), and houxi (SI-3) of the small intestine meridian are emphasized. The commonly used distal points are yanglingquan (GB-34) and tiaokou (ST-38) plus several extra points between or to either side of these points were each mentioned.  Click here to see more.


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