I initially learned of the outstanding results, quality and care in treatment provided by Dr. Weihong Yuan through a colleague. Continuing to hear many amazing results through others who stopped by my office or greeted me in the hallway with testimonials to the healing they had experienced following acupuncture with Dr. Weihong Yuan, I stopped in to introduce myself and to inquire about her treatment. Feeling like I had met a very kind and knowledgeable woman, I left with an informational brochure and a card which I held in my “until I know more” file. Sharing an office with several other therapists, located next door to Dr. Weihong Yuan, I continued to hear amazing testimonials to her gentle and effective treatment people of various ages and cultures had experienced, including: how their pain had subsided in their back- a secretary , in our same building, no longer suffered pain in her neck or the associated fatigue after only several sessions with Dr. Weihong Yuan - how one woman had been in treatment and had such relief with an initial treatment she subsequently returned for several treatments with Dr. Weihong Yuan, and was now experiencing the joys of living without the fear or trepidation of living day to day not knowing how she would cope with the pain she had been experiencing - and how fortunate parents with an infant felt at how her gentle treatments had provided cessation of colic with their infant. After being hit by a drunk driver and sustaining multiple injuries to my neck, back and shoulder (my rotator cuff was torn), I chose physical therapy as my first option and after listening to those who had found such relief, sought Dr. Weihong Yuan’s explanation of “cupping” since a friend had opted to have “cupping” rather than surgery, with total success. I found significant relief from “cupping” and from the acupuncture in treatment with Dr. Weihong Yuan. Dr. Weihong Yuan readily shares her knowledge. In my own experience, I discovered for myself, that Dr. Weihong Yuan’s techniques are both gentle and painless and the results provide immense relief throughout healing. I do not hesitate to suggest a person talk with her, make an appointment and learn for yourself if this treatment is helpful to you. Dr. Weihong Yuan is knowledgeable, skilled, and has provided such relief in the lives of all those I know who are fortunate to have had her treatment, including myself. She is a wonderful, wonderful physician and doctor of oriental medicine!


I highly recommend Dr. Weihong Yuan for anyone struggling with allergy symptoms. I was amazed at how quickly the acupuncture treatment worked for me. My allergy symptoms are now minimal and are very manageable compared to what it was prior to start acupuncture. I also experienced other health benefits, - I'm sleeping better, have more energy and in a better mood. I have recommended Dr. Weihong Yuan to several of my allergy-suffer friends and all of us have had positive results. Dr. Weihong Yuan is caring and professional and provides an excellent service to her patients.

Dr. Weihong Yuan is absolutely awesome! The following is my journey to Dr. Yuan.

My daughter Erin was diagnosed with partial complex seizures when she was a year and a half old. She was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome not long after. Along with this she deals with excessive phlegm and anxiety. I am a woman of faith and as I watched my daughter go into this abyss of illness I sought God on what to do and how to get her better. Through much prayer I began a journey of understanding that the seizures and autism were more than just symptoms of some brain issues. It was due to many imbalances in Erin’s life spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I started treating Erin holistically. We became a family that practiced homeopathy. I learned about diet and how it affected our bodies. I also began to study other modalities of healing the body, including acupuncture.

Erin used to take barbiturate medications in an attempt to control the seizures but to no avail. I asked for her to be put on Tranxene which is traditionally used as an anti anxiety medication. The doctors didn’t think it would work but I didn’t like what the other medications did to her personality and cognitive abilities. Because of the traditional Chinese herbal preparations and homeopathic remedies that Erin took as her Naturopath prescribed, in less than a two year time frame Erin was able to go on Tranxene successfully. When she was on the barbiturates she had up to 15 seizures a day. Once off those meds and with continued holistic therapies we saw a vast improvement in Erin’s health and wellbeing. The seizures were significantly reduced. Then she went on the Tranxene which helped to reduce them even more. Her allopathic doctors were baffled by the fact that the seizures were under control.

As time went on Erin entered puberty which brought changes in her ability to not have seizures. I saw a direct correlation between her menstrual cycle and the seizure activity. I was able to balance her hormones and saw an immediate improvement in the seizure activity. But I realized that it wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to have to increase her medication, which we have significantly reduced over the years. So I went on a quest to find an acupuncturist. I wanted to find someone who not only trained for acupuncture therapy, but someone who grew up in the Chinese culture because this would give them a much better understanding of this healing art. I found Dr. Weihong Yuan.

Erin and Dr. Yuan were immediate buddies. Erin loved her from the start. Her gentle personality and genuine care for Erin showed through from the first visit. Once Erin started to See Dr. Yuan I saw immediate results. The seizures were waning, the phlegm went away and Erin’s overall personality improved. She was much happier.

I too started treatments with Dr. Yuan. After every treatment I was extremely relaxed and had energy and stamina. It also helped to greatly improve my tinnitus. I am so grateful to have met Dr. Yuan and what she has done for Erin and me. She has been a blessing in our lives. I highly recommend her to everyone.

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