I first came to Dr. Yuan to seek relief from my seasonal allergies. I had been undergoing allergy shots for approximately 1 ½ years at this point, and while my allergies had improved with the shots, I had reached a plateau with them, and wanted seek an alternative solution. Referred by a colleague plagued by allergies, I was dumbfounded after the FIRST session to be able to breathe without congestion in my nose. After 5-6 sessions, I no longer had to use my allergy medicine. Almost one year later, I do occasionally use my allergy medicine, usually during a weather change, but have discontinued all allergy shots and feel normal again. I have not had a sinus infection or strep throat in over a year. Previously, I would suffer either one of those ailments, 4 times a year.

Subsequent to the success with the allergies, I again contacted Dr. Yuan regarding a pinched nerve in the neck area, which radiated numbness and tingly down my left arm to my fingers. My chiropractor had been unable to give much relief through 2 months of adjustments, so I underwent acupuncture and “cupping” for approximately 6-7 sessions. Amazing is all I can say. The pain, the numbness, EVERYTHING, was GONE! After only 6 sessions.

Dr Yuan’s work as a doctor of acupuncture is amazing. I put my trust in her, and allowed her to do that which she felt was necessary for my well-being, and she helped me recover from my ailments. Please allow her to use her medical expertise to help you heal.


I highly recommend Dr. Yuan for anyone struggling with allergy symptoms. I was amazed at how quickly the acupuncture treatment worked for me. My allergy symptoms are now minimal and are very manageable compared to what it was prior to start acupuncture. I also experienced other health benefits, - I'm sleeping better, have more energy and in a better mood. I have recommended Dr. Yuan to several of my allergy-suffer friends and all of us have had positive results. Dr. Yuan is caring and professional and provides an excellent service to her patients.


I was under the care of Dr. Weihong Yuan for back pain, sciatic and circulation pain. I also had arthritis and sinus and allergy problem. Dr. Weihong Yuan treated me from August 2009 through Oct 31, 2009.

By the time I finished with my last appointment, I no longer had leg pain when I walked, and my hands were pain free, My back pain had stopped and I was able to stand up straighter and walk without losing my strength.

Thank you very much Dr. Weihong Yuan.

I highly recommend Dr. Weihong Yuan.

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